Fight for the streamers: Twitch vs Youtube

Ashkelon, Israel – While giant Youtube guarantees millions of views, followers and – at the same time – is hated for its high degree of censorship, the relatively much smaller live streaming platform Twitch tries to conquer specific niche markets. Well it end up in a messy fight or will the streamers choose a winner for themselves?

The social media phenomenon. We already can’t ignore it anymore in our daily lives, whether we like it or not. It is the place where millions or even billions of internet users spend hours of their time. This is the exact reason why the gaming and gambling industry is putting a lot of effort into this.

But this certainly didn’t happen by itself. Many casino owners are old-fashioned and initially saw little future in Youtube stars, Twitch streamers and other social media influencers. Add to that the fact that many social media platforms are anything but open to collaborations with online casinos. After all, casinos still have a bad image. Chances of addiction, shady and / or malicious practices, etc. In addition, many social media platforms are visited by minors, which means that advertising on these types of platforms for casino-related matters is not permitted anyway.

But times are changing and casino bosses are – of course – not standing still either. In recent years they have placed their focus more and more towards social media. In particular, the use of influencers. And by this we mean hiring and sponsoring Youtube channels and Twitch streamers in exchange for promotion of their casinos. And that pays off big time: nowadays, 35%-45% of all casino revenue is earned through social media channels.

Casino streamers choose for Twitch

In recent years the largest live streaming platform for gamers called Twitch has been gaining popularity among casino streamers. They stream their gambling adventures through the platform and anyone who wants to see it can watch all the action live. A number of you may have never heard of Twitch, but make no mistake about the power of this unique platform. It is used by millions of users worldwide. All major casino streamers have thousands of followers and they raise money in a variety of ways (live donations, advertising, sponsorship, etc).

When using twitch for casino related businesses it is important to spend as much time with live streaming as possible. It is the best and fasted way for streamers to build a big gambling community. The latter is very important for casino streamers who regard this as their fulltime work. After all, we all know how expensive gambling is. If you want to gamble three hours a day and broadcast this live, you need a big budget. Especially when you consider that many streamers play with bets of two, five or even ten euros a spin. In general, almost nobody can afford this. A large community ensures that it becomes interesting for casinos to sponsor you. For example with huge bonuses (often subject to strict conditions), casino credit (of which you can keep a portion of the winnings) or even fake money (so that you can play high stakes and create some nice bigwin videos).

It is important to know that 90% of all videos that you see on Youtube are just paid advertisements in disguise. The majority of casino streamers don’t even play with their own money. It is purely and only intended to lure you to a certain casino, or at least to make you in the mood for gambling. Nothing wrong with that, that’s how the world works, but always keep this in mind when watching these kinds of vids!

Anyway, most casino streamers initially focus on Twitch. They often record their live streams and post the highlights on their Youtube channel in order to both expand their revenue sources and keep their followers satisfied on both platforms. So kind of a win-win situation.

Famous casino streamers on Twitch:

1. Jarttu84:

2. Nickslots:

3. Casino Daddy:

4. Lets give it a spin:

5. Rocknrollaaaaaa:

Youtube loved and hated by casino streamers

Although almost every casino streamer still has its own channel on Youtube, there is a lot of dissatisfaction. Youtube is known for its censorship. And for inventing its own laws and rules and subsequently changing them at any time of the day. In many cases, having power is anything but positive and channel owners are afraid its a matter of time – even if they don’t do anything wrong – before Youtube bans their channels. Millions of followers gone, revenues vanished. And when it happens there is nothing they can do about it. Appeal makes no sense, and sending an e-mail is similar to calling a random helpdesk: it only causes more frustration.

For many casino influencers their streaming work has become a serious full-time job. The last thing they want is uncertainty. A boss, in this case Youtube, who can take away your money at any time of the day causes huge headaches, so more and more streamers prefer Twitch to Youtube.

On the other hand, Youtube is a great platform and has billions of daily users. It has become a love-hate relationship: most streamers want to get rid of Youtube but can’t live without it.

Personally we are very curious as to what will happen in this area in the coming months and years. Youtube has already indicated that it will become stricter when it comes to gambling-related promotions. The copyright law introduced in Europe also makes it increasingly difficult for influencers to post their videos and streams on Youtube.

Famous casino Youtube channels:

1. Vegas Lowroller:

2. Casino Grounds:

3. Lets give it a Spin:

4. Slot traveler:

5. BcSlots daily:

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