Regulation, regulation and more regulation!

In recent years we have seen it more and more: regions and countries that come up with their own local gaming and casino license . All with the aim of preventing, or at least minimizing, gambling addiction and to stop illegal gambling companies and thus generate an extra income flow for the state.

Nowadays, there are very few countries in the world who do not have their own gambling authority . And the countries that don’t have any form of regulation or licensing yet, are working on it as we speak.

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Las Vegas lobby… Are they taking over the European gambling market?

The corridors are buzzing with rumors. One such rumor is about setting up a European licensing model for all online casinos : a complete set of laws and rules that will soon be the same for every country in Europe. Even if the country in question already has its own licensing model. The aim of this is to form a unity so that it is clear to both gambling companies and players across Europe what they are allowed and not allowed to do with regard to online gambling.

All well and good, but who will lead this umbrella organization?

Las Vegas! At least that’s what a few big Vegas parties are lobbying for right now. Various sources indicate that there is a high level of communication with government parties and existing authorities. True or false, it would make sense. After all, gambling companies pay sky-high monthly license fees (plus all sorts of other nonsense like mandatory server hosting, database backup services etc, all of which come with a nice price tag). They do so because without a valid gambling license they simply don’t come across as reliable to the general public.

The games of chance authorities in turn must have a strict policy in place: periodic audits, financial checks, addiction prevention, detection of illegal casinos, and so on. In practice, however, this only happens sporadically, and you can actually say that almost every gambling authority is to some extent a sham, and – for the authority in question – it’s an easy way to fill their pockets.

If all or at least the majority of all online casinos in Europe will soon have to apply for an (additional) gambling license at this umbrella gaming organization, then we are literally talking big bucks: hundreds of millions of euros in income for the authority in question. And one thing is certain: when a lot of money is at stake, whales step in. So, will the European gambling market soon be ruled and dominated by gambling companies from Las Vegas?

Will there be a license obligation for online casino affiliates?

Due in part to all the upcoming regulations, governments and authorities are also looking at companies that are indirectly involved in promoting online casinos. For example, a discussion is currently taking place in several European countries as to whether it is also possible to create a license obligation for affiliates. Yeah, for real! A kind of quality mark that every affiliate will soon have to put on their website, which can then be clicked on to verify whether this affiliate has the necessary papers.

Admittedly, there is something to be said for it. Although the majority of the casino affiliates adhere to the rules, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliates who abide by all possible rules with the sole aim of attracting as many visitors to casinos as possible and thereby filling their own pockets. And yes, we all want to earn money. However, there are strict laws and regulations in the casino field. At present, the gambling companies are held to account if an affiliate promoting their casino does not comply with these rules. The question then is: is this right? With thousands of affiliates, you can’t expect casinos to check every single affiliate website for possible violations every day. The fact is that many affiliates currently place gambling-related advertisements on websites that they A) are not allowed to advertise on (think of illegal porn sites, racist sites, hack sites, etc), and B) often show gambling-related advertisements to visitors from countries where online gambling is prohibited . Now we are not a moral knight ourselves, but it is useful if limits are set and violators are punished if necessary.

On the other hand, it would be bizarre if someone who has 1 hobby gambling-site and manages it in his attic room to earn a few bucks with it, suddenly will be obliged to pay a monthly or annual a fee. The gambling market is increasingly moving towards the Facebook syndrome, where a few major global players will soon be in global control and the small players are simply expressed the market.

We will see what will happen in the coming years. The fact is that in terms of laws and regulations in the field of online gambling at European level, there will be a lot of changes.

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