Top 3 live casino games that you need to play

Haifa, Israel – Due to the rise and improvements in technologies such as augmented reality and live streaming software, innovative gameproviders are grabbing their chances to conquer the live casino market with unique, often dazzling interactive gambling games.

It is seen as the new gold mine in online gambling. Developers and casinos smell money and jump en masse in the “live casino” market. In addition to the high margins, this relatively new form of entertainment offers great opportunities when it comes to innovation and gaming experience. Interactivity, that’s what it’s all about.

Real live hosts – who mostly operate from Riga, Latvia – are used to entertain players. Players can in turn communicate with these live hosts and other players via an in-game chat box.

When you combine this all with gambling it creates a whole new dimension for gamblers. A dimension in which players the level of fairness predominates. At least, they experience it that way. No more manipulative machines who choose winners based on a random number generator. No! Live games with real people that can’t be faked. Although real people? A lot of the times these types of live casino games consist of a combination of real people and digital characters (augmented reality).

Evolution Gaming, which operates from Latvia, is currently the talk of the town. They offer mind-blowing games that are super fun and addicted to play. At the moment they don’t really have any competition yet although parties like NetEnt, BetGames and Ezugi are doing their utmost best to claim a piece of this growing pie.

Top 3 Live casino games 2019

Please note: although these types of games are extremely fun to play, with a few exceptions, they are far from being profitable to play. In fact, the chance that you win something with a standard slot machine is many times higher. So, play this type of games with caution!

1. Live Monopoly

An amazing game! Very addictive and fun to play. The chance of winning big is very small to say the least, so beware, but if you are super lucky you can win 100x or 500x your bets.

Hope, that is the emotion they target with Monopoly Live. With success. Because even though you lose almost every round – or at least win less than your initial bet – you continue to play. Bad for you as a player, but good for Evolution Gaming… and the casinos. This game is made brilliantly.

In short, with Monopoly Live everything revolves around the “wheel”. During each round the live host spins the wheel which contains various numbers that you can bet on (1,2,5,10). If the wheel stops on one of these numbers, you earn the amount you have bet times the relevant number. So, for example, when you bet ten euros on number ten and the wheel lands on number ten, you will receive 10×10 = 100 euros.

There are also two question mark symbols on the wheel, also called “chance” in Monopoly terms. If you land on one of these you will receive a) a cash amount or b) a multiplier with an additional spin on the wheel. If the latter takes place, it becomes really exciting. For example, if you receive a 10x multiplier, your bet will be multiplied by ten times, with the prospect of huge profits.

Finally, there are four special spots on the wheel called “Rolls”. Three with “2 rolls” and one with “4 rolls”. If you land on one of these you are eligible to play the Monopoly Live game: the Monopoly board – which you probably still know from your childhood – appears on screen, after which various multipliers popup on every street. With “2 rolls” you can roll twice and with “4 rolls” four times. If you manage to throw a double you will receive an additional roll. All this is clearly explained by Mister Monopoly, the famous character that is conjured up on your screen via augmented reality.

So what you want as a player is to land on “chance” to get a multiplier and then end up on “4 rolls”. If you succeed, you can win 2000x or more your initial bet. Obviously the latter happens very rarely, but this clever game gives you the feeling that every round is “a close one”. This makes Monopoly live extremely addictive. Dangerous too, you can spend hundreds or even thousands of euros in no time. Despite that, as a gambler you just keep on playing and playing.

2. Lightning Roulette Live

Again a real blockbuster from Evolution Gaming. With this “lightning” variant they have managed to put the dull roulette back on the map in a very smart way. And how! Lightning Roulette is really a great fun game to play. Okay, perhaps not as fun as the aforementioned live casino game Monopoly, but unlike Monopoly Live, Lightning Roulette offers much better and higher chances of winning.

Much has not actually changed compared to the old standard roulette, except for one important feature: “the lightning strike”! In short, the lightning strike comes into effect at every round and places a multiplier on five randomly chosen numbers that can be a minimum of 50x your bet and a maximum of 500x your bet.

So a minimal addition to the game, but the lightning strike creates so much excitement and hope that it has actually become a useful upgrade. Moreover, you can now win huge amounts with minimal bets.

Like all other live casino games, the entire game is offered by a live host. So a real person, whose goal is to entertain you a little extra during your gambling sessions. That may sound annoying, but if you’re sitting at the computer on your own in a drowsy mood, you secretly feel that you are doing quite socially. Great entertainment.

And yes, just like with Monopoly Live, the chance of that mega win is really very small. Even smaller than small. Here too they play well on the “hope for,” and even now that you know this you will still get addicted to it. That is precisely the power of the game. And oh well, even though it is almost impossible to win that 500x your bet, the smaller multipliers fall regularly. If it works, you will of course jump a hole in the roof.

So caution is required, but if you like a real kick then this dangerous, but oh so fun game might be for you. We love it, we hate it!

3. Deal or No Deal Live

One of the most successful television games of recent decades is now also available as a live casino game. Of course launched by Evolution Gaming. The idea by itself is not very original. There have been dozens of companies – including gambling companies – who have tried to turn this TV show into an attractive casino game, but to date nobody has ever succeeded to turn it into a success. Until Evolution Gaming gave it a try!

This live version of Deal or No Deal is set up in such a way that it can hardly be distinguished from the original TV version, at least as far as that is technically possible of course. A smooth live host, a beautiful lady who opens the (digital) suitcases … it’s all there. And more importantly: the tension is there as well. With every “deal or no deal” round players really get the “damn, what should I do here?” kind of feeling. In other words: excitement!

So, the game basically works perfectly in all respects. Ingeniously made, even. However, that is also where the problem lies. As a player you always want the suitcase with the highest amount. Result: 99 out of 100 times you play this game you will loose, or at least wins less than your initial bet. I have also experienced that things can go fast. Throwing five hundred euros into the digital garbage bin takes you less than five minutes… if you are lucky!

And then there is another thing to mention. A negative one, that is. To participate in the Deal or No Deal game, you must qualify as a player through a somewhat simple-looking gambling game. And to make matters worse, you can win additional prices during this qualification. The higher you bet during the qualification, the bigger your cash case will be in the upcoming Deal or No Deal round.

Nicely put together by the creators, but if you do not pay attention as a player, it can cost you a lot of money. Even more frustrating: sometimes you gamble away a ton of your hard earned money during the qualification round and still don’t succeed to qualify for the main game. At a certain point, in frustration and boredom, you keep hitting that gamble button – which costs money every click – just to qualify. For example, one of these qualification rounds have cost me two hundred euros (eventually got lucky and won 3500 euros with it, but still).

The makers are certainly smart. Deal or No Deal is structured in such a way that you can greatly increase your “possible” chances of winning on all fronts. Unfortunately for us, it works. As a player you always think “Jesus, if I choose the right suitcase now …”, with the result that you keep on betting more and more. In reality the chance of ending up winning the main prize – the suitcase with the largest amount – is minimal to say the least. If you are honest with yourself you know: this is a waste of my time and money. Still, you continue playing. The latter actually applies to all those special live casino games. So be aware of this and play with caution!

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