Top 5 fake casino streamers

Jeruzalem, Israel – The hype and success regarding the use of influencers in the gambling industry appears to have a shadow side. Many streamers seem to be cheating and that is anything but positive for the already badly regarded casino image.

It is no secret that almost all casino streamers are directly or indirectly sponsored by one or more casinos. They are a kind of super affiliates whose main goal is to stimulate gambling with their followers and direct them to their sponsor’s online casinos.

Now, of course, there is nothing wrong with this. For many of these influencers, streaming has become a full-time job. Bread should be put on the table one way or the other. Moreover, streamers also need a fair amount of money to be able to gamble online day after day. The latter is arranged the quickest by making affiliate deals with gambling companies.

Making money isn’t the problem. Right, but when do we speak from acceptable paid promotion and when do we speak from scamming and faking? And what about a blacklist of fake casino streamers, would that be a solution to filter the good, the bad and the ugly?

And it isn’t as easy as it sounds. To solidify scams, deception or whatever you want to come up with 100% accurate proof. That’s almost impossible. And if it is possible, do we want this? Many of them – fake or not – offer entertainment to thousands of people. Does it matter what deals they made with the gambling companies?

All difficult questions. The fact is that there is a lot of talk about it on the internet and the various gambling communities. Although everyone is familiar with paid acting (television, films, etc), many gamblers indicate that they would not follow these types of streamers if it appears that they are not playing with real money.

But okay, whether you are for or against, fake casino streamers are the talk of the day. That is why we have made an overview of the most notorious casino streamers of recent years. However, it is important to mention that we have done our research based on our own knowledge, experience and information we have found on the internet. This is purely how we look at things: a personal review / toplist.

Top 5 famous casino streamers who are faking it

1. Roshtein

We didn’t have to think long about this one. This remarkable guy is not only at the top of our fakers-list, but probably on every scammers list in the universe: it’s the king of fakers! Because lets be honest: which of you gambling addicts doesn’t know him? I rest my point. Anyone who regularly watches gambling videos knows this weirdo. You simply can’t ignore his annoying videos, they popup everywhere.

This unique fellow – lets keep it nice – is a very eccentric guy. He often behaves completely over the top (including jumping through the roof, silly dances and other antics) and literally shouts his profits from the rooftops. No matter how you look at it, he knows how to entertain people. You either hate him or you absolutely love him. On Twitch and YouTube you often see him playing at extremely high stakes. While other fake streamers make an effort to come across as realistic as possible, he simply doesn’t care. Hours of gambling with 100 euro bets per spin? No problem for him. Everyone understands that even a multi-millionaire cannot sustain this. Yet this fool has thousands of followers who continue to believe that he plays with real money. That is, his own money. Well, as we say here in israel: if it looks and sounds too good to be truth, it always is!

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2. Casinorobot

This streamer was discredited when one of the forum members of CasinoGrounds got suspicious because he always played at the same, totally unknown and non-popular online casino called Dunder. More info here.

Forum members also noticed that this teenager – who still lived with his mother, – showed absolutely no emotions when losing thousands of euros per session. Strange, right? How can a teenager living at home have a budget of two thousand euros a day? In addition, they discovered that his website was registered by a man who specialized in affiliates. Well, in combination with the above, all the alarm bells started to ring.

Over time various screenshots appeared with proof of fraud and cooperation with various shady gambling companies. The icing on the cake came not much later when a major scandal came out about the then popular online casino LeoVegas. They appeared to give fake money to CasinoRobot and a number of other streamers. Purely for the sole purpose to lure naive players to their casino.


3. Dazza G

Not a real live streamer, but more someone who posts gambling videos and reviews about gambling on Youtube and other social media. He is also known under the name “Dunover” and quickly became infamous in streaming land due to his flying temper. In his videos, emotions always ran high. A lot of swearing and yelling and when he didn’t win he labeled the casinos he played as fraudsters.

Where his outbursts were amusing in the beginning, his behaviour was getting worse, annoying even. That resulted in negativism among a large part of his followers. The tabloid press opened and it wasn’t long before the first accusations popped up on the internet. His weird antics with regard to his YouTube videos also didn’t help his reputation. For example, placing names of casinos and / or names of well-known gameproviders in his thumbnails, while the videos itself showed completely different content.

There were also signals that he was playing with fake money. He solved this by simply removing all comments that were negative. However, that only caused the rumours to increase. Not much later, his entire Youtube channel got banned. And even though this turned out to be the case with more streamers, there were many people who believed that this was due to his malpractices.

As far as I know, despite all the signs and rumours, Dazza G has never been fully exposed. So let’s call him a smart scammer 🙂


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4. Jarttu84

Despite all the accusations against this gambler from Finland, I have to admit that at the time of writing I still enjoy his gambling videos. Jarttu is best known as the man who shouts “Hello Youtube!” every time he gets a massive win. It’s meant as a sign that the stream in question is Youtube-worthy.

Jarttu is a first-generation streamer. He has been in the streaming world for a long time and mainly plays at high limit levels. With this we mean that he plays almost standard with ten, twenty or even a hundred euros per spin. A highroller. The latter is also the reason that many people think that he plays with fake money – or at least not with money of his own.

In addition, Jarttu has worked for Multilotto for many years, a rogue gambling company that is known for its shady activities. In the streaming community, this Casino is also known as one of the first gambling companies that where caught for providing streamers with fake accounts and fake casino credit in exchange for promotion.

Although it has certainly not been proven that Jarttu participated in these scams, the negative image of Multilotto also sticks to him. After all, there weren’t that many streamers at the time, and with all the rumours that were already there, and Jarttu’s high stake plays ensure that many followers are convinced that this gentleman is misleading his followers on a gigantic scale.

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5. Casino Daddy

These three brothers (Mathias, Anton, and Erik) from Sweden are immensely popular among gambling lovers. They call themselves full-time casino streamers and gambling affiliates. In addition, they seem to run a small IT company.

The first gossip regarding playing with fake money appeared when they suddenly switched to full-time streams and higher stakes (instead of 1 stream / video in the week / month). It was also striking that they were promoting questionable casinos. And not only gambling companies that just looked cheap, that where shady or that no one had ever heard of, but also companies that offered bonuses that where simply too good to be truth. A big no no if you are a real gambling lover! In addition, many people felt their reactions to big profits looked fake: “normal people don’t react that way”.

What also did not help is the fact that they started to regard streaming as a business activity. That of course doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but they overplayed their overlap from “streaming their hobby to streaming for money” at all possible levels. Own affiliate sites, an abundance of videos with huge big profits every single day, excessive advertising material and deals with game providers in which the gave positive reviews in return for cash. It resulted in frustration and hate among their followers.

Now everyone understands that if it is your full-time job, you are doing everything you can to make money. However, gamblers want to see normal people gambling with their own (real) money. Its not about the thrill of getting a huge win. No! It is about getting that win by putting your own money on the line. They don’t like streamers who create fake-positive paid reviews while making it look like they’re doing it just for fun.

For the sake of fairness, we should mention that we have never seen hard evidence that confirms that CasinoDaddy is a real faker, or in this case: that the brothers are scamming things up. It is clearly a commercial thing for them. Everything revolves around generating money and they do not hesitate to touch on emotions and such. But we doubt whether we can really speak of a scam. It is at most a form of deception. After all: they make it seem like it is possible to win 1000x winnings every single day, to gamble and make a profit. Which is ridiculous, but unfortunately I am sure that certain followers are sensitive to this. Morally highly undesirable, but a scam?

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1 jaar geleden

It s 1 big maffia shit. I played 2 years long. In those 2 years i have lost more than €150.000. To give you an idea. I those 2 years i have had 1 6000x win and 1 4400x win and A few 2000x wins. When i Watch youtube, i see so Many streamers and they all got on Every game a big win. If i compare what streamers playing and how many bonusses they get and what i get in the same time. Then it is verg funny to see that it is a big difference. So when you… Lees verder »

1 jaar geleden

Yeah, one big fake bullshit, jammin jars for example you can play away a fortune without ever getting a decent bonus, trust me. Nowadays those megaways slots and big gaming are the worst of all. Keeps getting worse. Dont gamble thats the best, all a illusion

casino nation
1 jaar geleden
Antwoord aan  henkie

yeah i agree, although the slots look great, they are all focussed on entertainment instead of winning…which in the end always costs you tons of money!

1 jaar geleden
james cameron
1 maand geleden

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